Jan 26

‘The Blue’ Hunt Awakening Kala Entertaining Liverpool

‘The Blue’ Hunt Awakening Kala Entertaining Liverpool

'The Blue' Hunt Awakening Kala Entertaining Liverpool

London – Chelsea get a severe blow when defeated third division, Bradford City, in the third round of the FA Cup. Now ‘The Blue’ is determined to rise when host Liverpool in the League Cup semi-final second leg England.

Chelsea surprisingly knocked out in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Shown in the cage and had superior two goals ahead, the Blues even conceded four goals until finally defeated 2-4.

Defeat be a big blow to the child Jose Mourinho, even if it is only the third time this season. Moreover, the team that gave negative results are the third caste team in English league pyramid.

After the match, Mourinho called his team duly embarrassed by these results. Didier Drogba, as the senior players in the team, admitted last weekend’s performance was below standard.

“Of course we are not proud of what happened. We did not play our best, we did not play the way we want,” he told Sky Sports.

“But you have to give credit to Bradford, who came and had a dream, and show courage. First they came not to lose and during the game, they changed their ideas and eventually win. Congratulations to them,” he added.

Chelsea had a chance soon arose when host Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday (28/01/2015) pm dawn. Certainly will not be easy considering the atmosphere is less tasty plus Liverpool are also in pretty good trend. Already their last 10 games unbeaten.

Drogba insists his team just needs to focus full and not wasted opportunity. Especially on weekends, another tough opponent already waiting: Manchester City.

“Everyone is disappointed but good in football, especially in the UK, in two days we have another game. So we have to focus on this game and try to play better than we did last weekend,” he said.

Chelsea successfully draw against Liverpool 1-1 in the semi-final first leg at Anfiel, last week.