Jan 29

After Hit Players, Costa defended but Considered Already Procrastination

After Hit Players, Costa defended but Considered Already Procrastination

After Hit Players, Costa defended but Considered Already Procrastination

London – Diego Costa called lucky not to get a red card after stepping on a Liverpool player. Jose Mourinho defended him, but the former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, calling it too far.

Costa is not only one step on the player, but twice. The first occurred in the 12th minute, when he stepped on the foot Emre Can when both are fighting for the ball on the sidelines. Can also angry. To the extent that he had to dilerai other players before it went to Costa.

Next, in the middle of the second half, Costa stepping foot of Martin Skrtel. Initially, he intends to avoid a tackle Skrtel, but instead landed on the Liverpool defender’s ankle.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, wonder Spanish international striker is not a punishment. Rodgers felt, Costa should get a red card.

On the other hand, Henry said that Costa purpose. Ex-bomber, now a pundit for Sky Sports, said he liked the aggressiveness Costa, but not necessarily to other players stepping on toes.

“You can see clearly that he actually accidentally,” Henry said on Sky Sports.

“I am pleased to see his will, I am pleased to see the aggressiveness, but I think he’s gone too far.”

“I think, should he be able to a red card. But, the referee did not see it, the linesman did not see it, and the fourth official did not see it.”

While other pundit Jamie Redknapp, said that aggressiveness and violence should be distinguished. And for Costa, he has done violence.

“He is a fantastic player. You definitely want to be on your team, but he was out of bounds.”

“He should know what he is doing. A player can indeed compete toe with other players, but he clearly stepped Skrtel. There is a clear boundary between aggressive and violence in football. Unfortunately, today Costa already too far,” said Redknapp.

Opposite Henry, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, precisely assess Costa unintentionally do. “In the action-laden emotions, so it becomes a football,” said Mourinho.

“If we talk about Costa, no penalty should he get, but do not get. Let him play in his own way,” said the Portuguese manager.

Match between Chelsea vs Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday (28/1), ended with the score 1-0 to Chelsea victory. Thus, the Blues right to advance to the final of the League Cup.