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Legend Messi Knows No Boundaries

Legend Messi Knows No Boundaries

Legend Messi Knows No Boundaries

Barcelona Legend of Lionel Messi knows no boundaries,” according to the official website of Barcelona describe the latest game from the star. After making a hat-trick number 25, what else can be produced by the magical Messi?

Messi was the star Barca victory when subjecting Deportivo La Coruna 4-0, Monday (19/01/2015) pm dawn. Messi scored three goals in the match, making the coffers tally of all the competition increased to 28 this season.

It is trigol 25th Messi for Barca costumed. Meanwhile, if calculated with the match in which Messi scored more than three goals then the amount is more. The total was 30 times Messi scored three goals or more in a game together Barca.

Brilliant Messi goes hand in hand with the mood in the team is improving. Not long ago it seems Barca hit the issue if the Argentine star would leave. Not long ago Messi also reportedly quarreled with the coach, Luis Enrique.

However, according to Enrique, newsbad news began to explode shortly after Barca lost at Anoeta Real Sociedad– –markas has been forgotten. Instead, Barca are now ready to continue the good performance.

Anoeta has now been passed. You must have experienced a good game, the bad, and the mediocre. Plus, sometimes depending on your opponent as well,” said Enrique as reported by Football Espana.

Enrique obviously satisfied to see his team’s performance lately. After the defeat of the Sociedad, Barca successfully won four consecutive wins –dua gained victory in La Liga, while the other two had in the Copa del Rey. Total, Barca had 16 goals and conceded just one goal in four matches it.

Messi himself in the middle of the resurrection. Enrique calls, the players always look amazing from week to week.

Messi is always played at the highest level throughout the season. He never lowered its standards. Level is always located in the world-class,” said Enrique.

According to the official website of Barcelona, there are some clubs that used to be the victim Messi hat-trick. Osasuna and Valencia are the two teams most often hit a hat-trick by Messi. Both of them each feel three times trigol of Messi.

While Real Madrid, Espanyol, Almeria, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Malaga, each twice felt hat-trick from Messi.