Jan 09

Road Opener Fabregas Messi to Chelsea?

Road Opener Fabregas Messi to Chelsea?

Road Opener Fabregas Messi to Chelsea?

London – Lionel Messi crowded rumored to be considering a move to Chelsea because to follow Instagran London club. The existence of Cesc Fabregas called Messi nets could be an opening towards Stamford Bridge.

Not only Chelsea Instagram account to follow-Messi. When his relationship with Luis Enrique rumored to crack, he also became a follower of the two retainer Blues Thibaut Courtois and Luis Felipe.

Related Fabregas, Messi is known to have good relations with the Spanish midfielder. They are the force while still studying at La Masia. Messi also called very disappointed when Fabregas released Barca to Chelsea at the start of this season, which reportedly led to the dismissal disappointment Andoni Zubizarreta from the position as director of sport.

Because yng close relationship that Fabregas is considered to be able to pave the way for Messi entered the Blues squad. But Fabregas denies it. In an interview with a radio in Spain, he is deeply disturbed by the news that calls itself involved in ferrying Messi to London.

“It bothers me, with the assumption that say I became a mediator to bring Messi to Chelsea. I do not seek Any and, I am just a football player,” Fabregas said in Marca.

Problem fractured relationship between Messi with Luis Enrique, personally Fabregas doubt. Messi called very happy at Barcelona.

“Messi is happy at the club and the club was happy with the condition. I doubt the truth about what they say about Luis Enrique and Messi. Leo figure quiet and I never saw it (she odds) for three years,” said Fabregas.