Jan 12

Van Gaal Call Southampton Lucky

Van Gaal Call Southampton Lucky

Van Gaal Call Southampton Lucky

Manchester Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal assess his team performed better than Southampton although eventually lost. Opponents also called luckier.

MU must recognize the benefits Soton single goal by Dusan Tadic in the party when the host Soton Premier League week 21 at Old Trafford on Monday (01/12/2015) pm dawn.

In a note ESPN, Chelsea dominated possession 60% -40% over the Soton. ‘Red Devils’ are also more frequently fired, 10, although there is no right target. While Soton releasing nine shots, with one leading to the target and a goal.

We are showing the game better than Southampton. They are lucky to make a goal of opportunities are not too ripe. It’s very disappointing,” said Van Gaal as reported by the BBC.

We did not create many chances but we dominated the game. I guess they came to target a draw and they go home with a victory, which of course disappointing.

We have to clean up. We have to make a better choice when the ball, but it must be remembered that today’s opponents also played very neat,” analysis.