Feb 21

Earn Three win streak, Dortmund Now Smile

Earn Three win streak, Dortmund Now Smile

Earn Three win streak, Dortmund Now Smile

Stuttgart – Borussia Dortmund slowly began to improve their performance. Latest victory over VfB Stuttgart has now been carried them away from the relegation zone.

Dortmund, who slumped in the first parih Bundesliga, now in the top ten standings. They collected 25 points or four points over Freiburg who occupy the relegation zone –urutan deadline 16th.

It is the impact of three victories obtained in the last three games. Successively, the team made it successfully beat Juergen Klopp Freiburg 3-0, beat Mainz 4-2, and finally conquered VfB Stuttgart 3-2.

“We are now collecting nine points from the last three games, which is the maximum points that can be obtained,” said Dortmund midfielder, Ilkay Guendogan, the official website of the Bundesliga.

Nevertheless, Guendogan judge that his team can still perform better. He calls, Dortmund was careless in his match against Stuttgart this morning.

“We have to criticize ourselves, although successful victory.”

“We succeeded in winning, but we failed to counter as we did and ended up conceding a goal that actually do not need.”

“For example in tonight’s game, where we conceded from a corner kick in the final minutes. Should we not let it happen.”

“Mental pressure can sometimes be a part of football. But, in the last three games, we can fight it,” said Guendogan.

Furthermore, Dortmund awaited Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League knock-out phase the middle of next week. After Juventus, they will host their rivals, Schalke 04, in Revierderby.