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Kick-off fate in the hands ISL There Affairs

Kickoff fate in the hands ISL There Affairs

Kick-off fate in the hands ISL There Affairs

Jakarta – The fate of the kick-off Indonesia Super League (ISL) in 2015 is still unclear. Now, the decision whether or not the recommendation given to ISL is in the hands of the Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi.

After holding an emergency meeting yesterday, PT. Liga Indonesia and representatives of 18 clubs visited the office of Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI), Tuesday (17/02/2015).

Came at 15:44 pm, PT League and clubs ISL BOPI welcomed by the Chairman and Secretary-General Noor Aman BOPI Heru Nugroho. Meanwhile, PT League group led by CEO Joko Driyono.

The meeting, which took place on the third floor office Kemenpora Senayan, Jakarta, was expressed by Deputy V Kemenpora Sector Partnership Harmonization and Gatot S. Dewa Broto.

“The meeting was indeed walking a lot,” said Billy when opening conference session reporter.

After that, Noor Aman provide conclusions regarding the results of BOPI meeting with PT League and clubs ISL.

“The meeting was actually a process of verification. To get to the end of the decision in the form of recommendation,” said Noor Aman.

“It is urgent in this verification process with regard to the right. The right of the players and coaches. BOPI cooperate with PT League to verify the readiness of the clubs.”

“We both agreed that if there is a club that has not completed the debt problems of the players, will be completed in two days.”

“Administration Issues coaches and players, is also still in the process. When will they meet? If these conditions are met, then we will immediately report to the minister. Minister who will make the decision or not the road,” he explained.

Kick-off Kac planned to take place on 20th February. Is the match between Arsenal London View events at the Stadium against starling Harupat into the opening party.

To less than three days, the certainty of ISL recommendations are still awaiting the decision of Affairs.

Gatot said that the response of Kemenpora will be given on Wednesday (18/2) morning. Then, by noon they will tell about the decision to PT League Affairs.