Feb 14

Milner runner furthest in the Premier League, Kane and Fellaini Following

Milner runner furthest in the Premier League, Kane and Fellaini Following

Milner runner furthest in the Premier League, Kane and Fellaini Following

London – James Milner did not just make a goal in Manchester City’s victory over Stoke City center this weekend. He also showed a hard worker with a cruising ground furthest in the Premier League.

City managed to beat Stoke 4-1 at the Britannia Stadium on February 12. Milner made a second goal through a header in the game. Two other goals recorded Sergio Aguero and another by Samir Nasri. The win also brought the Citizens to the right track.

In addition to making a goal, Milner also make a new record. He ran 13.56 kilometers. With these records, according to the Daily Mail, 29-year-old midfielder became a player with a cruising furthest in the Premier League.

Who are the players that actively shut down the field behind Milner? He is Burnley winger George Boyd. Not only Guat roam the field in the game, the 29-year-old’s okay to make a record of diligent ran in four games.

First, when Burnley face Newcastle. He ran 13.55 kilometers. Then when Burnley versus Stoke. Boyd ran 13.34 kilometers.

Two games are also listed his name as a player with power farthest distance cruising is as Burnley face Manchester United and Aston Villa. Boyd ran 13.30 miles in the face of the ‘Red Devils’ and 13.24 kilometers when met with Villa.

Tom Carroll also entered the ranks of players with Palin ran away in the Premier League. Carroll ran until 13.55 kilometers while the Swans face of Southampton.

Harry Kane who are predicted to enter the English national team after playing okay with Tottenham Hotspur also be one of the players who actively shut down the field. He ran 13.12 kilometers when Spures face Swansea.

In the same match Christian Eriksen also look impressive. He ran 13.12 kilometers. Marouane Fellaini also entered the ranks of players who often ran. Fellaini ran 13.12 kilometers when Manchester United face Soton in December last year.

Here are 10 players with the farthest distance in a match in the Premier League:

1. James Milner Manchester City vs Stoke 13,56km
2. George Boyd BURNLEY vs Newcastle 13,55km
3. Tom Carroll SWANSEA vs Southampton 13,47km
4. George Boyd BURNLEY vs Stoke 13,34km
5. George Boyd BURNLEY vs Man Utd 13,30km
6. George Boyd BURNLEY vs Aston Villa 13,24km
Gylfi Sigurdsson 7. Swansea vs Man Utd 13,18km
8. Christian Eriksen TOTTENHAM vs Swansea 13,17km
9. Harry Kane TOTTENHAM vs Swansea 13,12km
10. Marouane Fellaini Manchester United vs Southampton 13,12km