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Mourinho Ensure Central Main Fabregas this week

Mourinho Ensure Central Main Fabregas this week

Mourinho Ensure Central Main Fabregas this week

London – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho ensure Cesc Fabregas will return to play in the middle of the game is to entertain Everton at Stamford Bridge on Thursday (02/12/2015) pm dawn.

Fabregas is now absent in two consecutive games since suffering a hamstring injury in the face Liverpool in the Champions League Cup at the end of January.

Without the Spanish international Chelsea like trouble finding inspiration when balanced 1-1 by Manchester City in early February. At first he believed to be able to play again last weekend, in a 2-1 victory over Aston Villa, but in fact the name Fabregas is not even on the list of reserve players though.

According to Mourinho, the absence of Fabregas name when facing Villa is due precaution only. Players who this season has made 15 assists in the Premier League it was called would appear against Everton.

“I think Fabregas will play on Wednesday due to a decision by the time the game against Villa is to protect the (condition) himself,” said Mourinho in the London Evening Standard.

“I do not want to take risks with two players simultaneously as William also had a bit of trouble from the previous game and also has risks. So play with two players who have a risk of a big gamble. So we bet on one player only.

“We did not lose the (effects of) Cesc against Aston Villa because Ramires is back and the best of them also appear again. He played great opponents Liverpool, Manchester City and Aston Villa. He has a different style with Cesc, but great contribution, “Mourinho value.