Mar 09

Enrique Problem Penalty Messi Had Failed

Enrique Problem Penalty Messi Had Failed

Enrique Problem Penalty Messi Had Failed

Barcelona – Despite scoring a hat-trick against Rayo Vallecano, there is a lump of Lionel Messi’s appearance in the game when the execution of the penalty blocked by goalkeeper. Luis Enrique ensure Messi still the main executor of his team.

Messi forward as executor when the referee pointed to the spot in the penalty box in the 55th minute Rayo Vallecano kick Messi to the right side of the goalkeeper failed to be scored as read perfectly by Cristian Dario Alvarez.

Despite failing penalty, luck was with Messi. Referee penalty requires the repeated because there Rayo Vallecano players who commits an offense when the execution is done.

On the second occasion conduct penalty, Messi shot to the left fruitful goal keeper. It became the first goal of the three that made Messi in the game. The goal was also to change the position to be 2-0.

Problem penalty, Messi failure rate in the last few games is high. The last one he failed to do so when Barcelona won 2-1 victory over Manchester City in the Champions League.

From 10 last penalty which he did with Argentina and Barcelona (before the game last night), only 50% success rate (five goals and five failed). If shortlisted only in Barca just statistics even worse because he failed four times out of the last seven penalty.

“The penalty depends on how the players feeling. Leo is on the top list, he can give to other players and he has done it before,” said Enrique in ESPNFC.