Mar 11

PSG quipped, Mourinho: We Can Salaries Good, No Need Bonus

PSG quipped, Mourinho: We Can Salaries Good, No Need Bonus

PSG quipped, Mourinho: We Can Salaries Good, No Need Bonus

London – Jose Mourinho calls Chelsea players will not be able bonuses only for the success of stepping into a particular phase of the Champions League. Furthermore, players can already paid the okay from the club.

Mourinho statement is not intended to menyidir other Paris Saint Germain. The two teams will face each other in the last 16 second leg of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge on Thursday (12/03/2015) pm dawn later.

PSG, which is eager to achieve success in Europe, mentioned already preparing large amounts of bonus for the players if able to pass the Blues and advanced to the last eight.

PSG promised a bonus of 250,000 euros ($ 3.5 billion) per person if Zlatan Ibrahimovic et al can get a ticket to the quarterfinals. While success be champions at the event will be rewarded with a bonus of 1 million euros per player.

“You know, a long time ago I can not bonus. I can only bonus to win a competition. So I forgot the taste. The last time (can) with Porto. Can a bonus for winning the game or round of qualifying for certain … I never get it again and I think we do not need to do that. The club gave us a good salary to do the best job we could do, “Mourinho said in a news conference.

“If we take this club to the quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals but we failed to be champions, we’ve done a good thing for the club financially, but I thought we were not supposed to be extra money if we do not win the last trophy. All players at the highest level can be enough money from his salary, and I think everyone is playing to win, “he continued in the Guardian.

Mourinho continued, the spirit to win the player is greater motivation than just chasing bonus money. Pride and excitement that is felt on the field called could not be rewarded with money.

“Do not. If someone provides money 250,000 euros to win a particular game is a good thing, but I think professionalism is more than just that. Do not misunderstand, but for me that is more important is the joy and pride over the success, more than money.”

“Football is about passion in the game, kegembiaraan and pride for the victory. It was not worth anything,” said the man was 52-year-old Portugal.

Chelsea took home a 1-1 draw from a trip to Paris two weeks ago. These results make Cesc Fabregas et al enough goalless draw to get through to the next phase.