Apr 14

City Rated Highly Need ‘New Blood’

City Rated Highly Need ‘New Blood’

City Rated Highly Need 'New Blood'

Manchester – Manchester City squad Era current is considered to be completed following the defeat in the Manchester derby. City also called blood-need new blood, which of course also means gelontoran money in the transfer market.

City, the defending champion, recently suffered a blow from Manchester United who are rivals his own. The Citizens subject to 2-4 when the visit to the headquarters of the Red Devils, Sunday (04/13/2015).
With these results City only able to pluck five wins in 13 matches in the Premier League since the turn of the year (5 lost, 5 wins, 3 draws). Manuel Pellegrini’s team made it also has three defeats in his last four games in that arena.

Set of results is not okay to be willing to make the City is now ranked fourth in the board glued standings, although previously had not been moved from the position of the two major at 13 weeks up to 30 weeks.

Pellegrini as manager no doubt be in the spotlight. Yet according to Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool player who is now a football analyst and commentator, which should be highlighted is the Principals City.

“They’ve become a good team in the past, but the team needed a change. The criticism of me is for the top brass, who have so much money and even be in a position when they might need five or six players to go straight into the first team, “Carragher said Alan Brazil Sports event Breakfast cited talkSPORT.

“You see the age of the existing team and the average too old, so they need a ‘new blood’. It will take a lot of money. Now they are sold in every aspect of the game, physically and mentally. They’ve had time to become a good team and we still have to give appreciation for their achievements in 3-4 years, but this is the end for the team. They need a change, “he said.