Apr 29

FA Cup Will Change Name

FA Cup Will Change Name

FA Cup Will Change Name

London – The world’s oldest football competition, the FA Cup, is believed to be changing its name next season. There is a big sponsor who entered and will tuck its trademark in the event.

The FA Cup does not have an official sponsor of this competition in the 2014/2015 season after Budweiser decided not to extend the contract that runs out in the last year. But now the FA are believed to have received a new sponsor, are willing to pay a large sum.

Quoted from the Guardian, the company that will mesponsori FA Cup is Emirates. The airline noted willing to pay 10 million pounds per year, the figure is higher than 1 million pounds received from Budweiser.

Not yet known how the duration of the contract to be agreed, but noted that the deal will make rebranding FA Cup experience.

If you make a deal with Budweiser FA Cup added frills ‘powered by’, collaboration with the Emirates will make the official name of the competition changed to ‘Emirates FA Cup’.

Emirates is not the only company that will sponsor the FA Cup for talks with Nike and mid William Hill also performed. FA aiming for six non-main sponsor, for the sake of targeting a larger income-related targets they undertake greater investment in grassroots level.

“We are still conducting discussions with several related companies opportunities to partner with the FA Cup,” said an FA spokesman.

Throughout its history, the FA Cup has been repeatedly changed sponsors. But for the first time a product will be tucked in the official name of the competition if the deal with Emirates properly achieved.

FA Cup sponsors from year to year

Sponsor period Name Competition
1871-1994 N The FA Cup
1994 – 1998 Littlewoods Pool The FA Cup sponsored by Littlewood
1998 – 2002 AXA The AXA-Sponsored FA Cup
2002 – 2006 N The FA Cup
2006 – 2011 E.ON The FA Cup sponsored by E.ON
2011 – 2014 The FA Cup with Budweiser Budweiser
2014 – N The FA Cup