May 11

Cleverley Back Smiling alongside Villa

Cleverley Back Smiling alongside Villa

Cleverley Back Smiling alongside Villa

Birmingham – Tom Cleverley slowly back to the top of his game along with Aston Villa. Cleverley claimed to find again smile at Villa and ready to last longer at the club.

Cleverley on loan to Villa at the start of this season. Manchester United’s academy products have to lift the foot from Old Trafford because it did not get a place in the team made the new manager Louis van Gaal.

Initially, Cleverley difficulty when Villa was handled by Paul Lambert. His appearance was not impressive and he was seen having a crisis of confidence.

However, the 25-year-old midfielder started to shine since Tim Sherwood replace Lambert who was fired in February. He was seen again showed dynamic performance in midfield, something that once he showed at Manchester United a few years ago.

Cleverley has always scored in the last three games together Villa. Scored a decisive victory was marred Villa over West Ham United at the weekend.

“In the last 10 to 12 games, I feel back to doing something that I know I can do. When you’re always playing every week in winning team, that always helps,” said Cleverley quoted by The Guardian.

“I was playing at my best position. My confidence is high and the confidence of the team, too,” he added.

“The manager gives little freedom. He does not matter if the midfielder-midfielder into the penalty box along there are other people who fill their positions in midfield. It was really brilliant for me and Fabian (Delph). We scored and could feel a little more take risk. When we play with a smile on our face, we always play better, “said Cleverley.

“The manager (Sherwood), you have to commend him for bringing me to the situation now,” he said.

Cleverley will be free agent when his contract with Manchester United runs out this summer. He claimed to be ready to survive longer in Villa Park if indeed get a suitable offer.

“Clubs have to offer me something first. So far there has been no talks. Currently we only concentrate on the pitch,” he said.

“First of all, you have to be happy. And I am happy at this club. So, we’ll see,” said Cleverley.

Cleverley has appeared in 34 games with Villa and contributed three goals.