May 05

Want to Take Arsenal Wenger Finis As high Maybe

Want to Take Arsenal Wenger Finis As high Maybe

Want to Take Arsenal Wenger Finis As high Maybe

Hull – Arsenal would almost certainly finish in the top four this season. For Arsene Wenger, ended the season in second place means bigger than in the third.

3-1 win over Hull City on Tuesday (05/05/2015) pm dawn, bringing Arsenal to match the points of Manchester City. Both teams are now both have 70 points, but Arsenal still have one match postponed.

With three weeks remaining, Arsenal had a relatively secure position in the top four. The number of maximum points that can be achieved fifth-placed team (Liverpool) is 70 points. But the Gunners superior head-to-head on Liverpool.

Arsenal now stay involved with the City competition for the position of runner-up. If you could choose, Wenger wants his side can finish in second third ketimnya.

“Yes, for me (second position means more than a third), yes. We want to finish as high as possible. The attitude of our competitive finish by looking at ourselves that we have the maximum until the last day, that means,” said Wenger on the club’s official website ,

“It would be tight. Tonight we just barely secured the top four but let’s see if we can maintain the pace and quality,” he added.

Seeing the recent performance, Arsenal began mentioned will be a champion contender next season. Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla, has called on his team’s determination to clinch the title.

But Wenger is still reluctant to talk about it. French manager prefers to focus on the rest of the season.

“Ask it to me in the month of August. Give me a little room to breathe until August. At stake right now is to end the season well,” said Wenger.

“If we keep the pace then we will finish second and we still have the FA Cup final. We’ll see where we are after,” he said.